Lifestyle Technologies is at the forefront of electronic technology integration and system design, creating sophisticated, yet easy to use solutions for residential, commercial and cinema applications in Cyprus, UK and the Middle East. Since 1992 we have been designing systems ranging from a simple stereo ‘Hi-Fi’ to complex electronic infrastructures that control everything – including audio and video, heating and air conditioning, curtains and lighting, satellite, communications and security. Overseeing every stage of a project from concept to conclusion, our skilled and experienced team of specialists works closely with architects, builders, designers and owners to provide custom installations that integrate discreetly with the interior design of a remodelling or a new structure – be it a home, office, hotel, conference centre, cinema or ocean going yacht. As a member of the prestigious Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA), Lifestyle Technologies is committed to providing a service that guarantees the highest standards of integrity, business practices and professionalism.

The design and installation of an integrated electronic system demands informed product, systems and applications knowledge, together with project management and technical skills. Lifestyle Technologies staff are the best informed and are fully trained in the latest technologies, design, project management and installation techniques and have over 30 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in the industry. Specialists in each department are CEDIA accredited and continuously update their skills and knowledge at training courses overseas to maintain their status. Manufacturers’ and in-house procedural training is also undertaken. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of sales consultants, designers, programmers and installation engineers works in close harmony, enabling us to bring a totally seamless professional approach to every project.

We would like to enlighten you about Home & Building Automation solutions and how they can benefit your new residence or business and your lifestyle.

A good starting point to understand the concept is the “Building Automation by Definition”:

Building Automation is the Integration of the electrical, mechanical and electronic elements of a Building to maximize their potential and give ultimate control to the users

  • Ease of use – simplifies the way you control complicated systems
  • Energy efficiency – cost savings
  • Master Controls – be in control!
  • Integration (connect all systems together to maximize potential – get added value)
  • Better aesthetics – less is more (minimal visible controls on walls)
  • Remote Access (Control & monitor while you are away via internet thru Wi-Fi and 4G mobile)
  • Our team are experts in Audio, Video, Lighting, Shading, IT, Security, and Total Automation systems.
  • We integrate the various systems to form what is called “Building Automation – Smart Buildings”
  • We Design, Supply, Install & Commission Building Automation systems
  • We offer training, After Sales Support & Maintenance Services
  • We give our clients integrated systems that ensure their homes & businesses are ready for the future
  • Our solutions are easy to operate & understand and will evolve with the people who use them.