Recent advances in technology make it possible to integrate sight, sound and light in a way that is hard to describe but impossible to resist once experienced.

Whole-house video entertainment is a reality. True High-Definition flat TV screens or high resolution projectors with concealed speakers in living areas, waterproof TVs in bathrooms, flip-down screens in kitchens, screens recessed into furniture, floors and ceilings and dedicated home theatre areas… the possibilities are endless. An integrated, interactive installation can access video from diverse sources – satellite and terrestrial signals, DVD, games consoles, music video, hard disk servers, digital cameras, computers, Internet and security systems. Selected signals can be distributed to displays anywhere in the house through our seamless integration systems.

Home cinema takes the experience to a higher level. A custom-built home theatre with large screen, surround sound and automated lighting and shading will create an engrossing environment for the enjoyment of films or sport.

Today boardrooms, conference and training facilities utilise video technologies. A professional integrated installation will maximise the impact of any presentation, ensuring total participant focus. At Lifestyle Technologies our consultants, designers and technicians are trained and certified by Dolby Laboratories, DTS Cinema Systems, INFOCOMM and CEDIA. Their skills and experience enable them to identify the best equipment and create the optimum system for each situation.

Systems under “Video”….


  • Have the highest video quality sent from your HD satellite, Blu Ray DVD, Apple TV or Media Server to all your TV’s
  • No need to have several HD Satellite Receivers around the house, but all in 1 location
  • Control all your HD sources like you have them in the room (IR extender built in)
  • Control your Satellite & TV’s just from the iPad / iPhone (no need for extra remotes)
  • Future proof and expandable system (uses only Cat 6 or Fibre optic cable for video distribution!)


  • Can be either in a dedicated room (e.g. playroom, multipurpose room) of the house
  • Can be either with a projector (100+ inches) or a large screen slim smart TV (60+ inches)
  • Includes high quality HD surround sound, combined with the HD 3D crystal clear picture
  • Enhanced room acoustics with acoustic panel treatments.
  • Treating the room acoustics can be as important to the sound as the sound system. It will the cinematic sound quality up to its full potential.
  • There are also a lot of finishes to choose from to compliment the room interior design.