Music is a great source of pleasure. Multi-room audio systems enable the whole family to listen to their individual choices at any time from almost anywhere in the house.

Lifestyle Technologies will professionally design and install a completely concealed, state-of-the-art audio system to enhance this pleasure whilst maintaining interior design aesthetics. The latest multi-room audio systems deliver superb sound quality, are easy to operate and can integrate many different input sources, including radio, CD, DVD, MP3 players, the Internet and the increasingly popular mobile devices capable of storing vast music collections.

In addition to home installations we have comprehensive expertise in integrated audio systems for the leisure and hospitality industry and for commercial and professional applications, including public address systems, language translation, Pro-Sound and DJ systems. We are associated with manufacturers who produce the finest audio equipment designed specifically for true multi-room integration, ensuring the selection of the ideal system for each individual client.

Systems under “Audio”….


  • Listen to music in multiple rooms & areas of the residence
  • Listen to different music in each room (e.g. MP3 in the kitchen, internet radio in the bedroom & CD by the swimming pool)
  • In-ceiling speakers, outdoor weatherproof speakers (optional invisible speakers or even underwater speakers for the very demanding!)
  • Only 1 system for the whole house, centrally located, hidden and easy to use
  • Control from an iPad, Smartphone or other in wall touch screen