Wall Touch Screens replace the numerous switches and controls on the wall (Lighting, Shades, Music, Air Condition, Heating, Alarm, Surveillance Cameras)

  • Touch Screens can be also wireless (iPad, Android Tablet or a Smartphone app)
  • Touch Screens are designed to simplify things around the building, simple design with powerful control
  • You can have 1 in each room for local control functions and 1 master for global functions, plus your iPad!
  • Works in conjunction with the Wi-Fi network for the whole house


  • Control your air condition or heating away from home (smartphone or iPad)
  • Save energy (occupancy sensors turn off the A/C if you leave the room and don’t come back in 15 minutes, set maximum temperature thresholds)
  • Central control of all the AC & Heating (see what’s on and what’s off in the residence, through a touch screen or an iPad, turn off or on desired areas)
  • Replaces the bulky thermostats & air condition keypads on the wall for a clean look and to save cost


  • We can integrate any compatible security system (Surveillance Cameras, Burglar Alarm, Access control, Video Entry) to the Home Automation system to give you control & remote monitoring.
  • This will allow you to communicate with whoever is at your doorstep, see live, and store, images all your villas’ perimeter area, gardens, garage and other areas you may select.
  • Control electric gates and garage doors, activate and deactivate the burglar alarm, monitor if there is movement in any room …. Be in control, feel secure. 


Internet is considered to be one of the biggest ever innovations in technology! It has changed everyone’s lives and Lifestyle Technology have embraced it in their automated control systems, bringing greater levels of convenience and communication to everyday life.

Although someone may think that having Wi-Fi is a simple matter of purchasing a Wireless Access point and connecting it to a phone line, modern demands and security issues will show him/her otherwise! Just think of how many devices in your home/business are connected to the network for Internet Access (smart TVs, cable & satellite boxes, PCs, printers, security systems, cameras), then add all the wireless devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc) connected to the wireless network (Wi-Fi). The demand for bandwidth and speed is increasing as audio & video streaming sources are increasing, and as the network traffic gets busier and busier. Hackers are everywhere trying to break into IT networks… Network security is a major issue!  Lifestyle Technologies possess the knowhow and experience to install a proper Home network system that will never let you down and keep you and your family secure from the outside world.