Lighting is an essential aspect of interior design and one of the most elusive to perfect. Light interacts with everything. It interacts with furniture, décor and architecture. It interacts with lifestyle. It creates ambiance.

A customised lighting ‘scene’ can create a sophisticated effect, which reflects settings, moods and times of day. Lighting can be set to switch automatically at predetermined levels, and in virtually any sequence. Linked to an audio-video system, lights can dim automatically as the movie begins. Subdued lighting will give a cinema feel to a home theatre. A lighting control system is also an important ingredient in an effective security system with lights pre-programmed to flash automatically or to floodlight an area. Automatic pathway lighting can also be installed together with other security triggers. Lifestyle Technologies can design and install a lighting control system for any situation – from an individual room to an entire building, or for any interior and exterior lighting combination – with elegant keypads and remote controls replacing conventional switches. Being CEDIA members we are skilled at integrating lighting control with other electronic systems to add extra convenience, security and reliability, and to reduce energy consumption.


  • Control your lights from a central control perspective
  • Reduces the number of lighting switches and keypads on the walls, more elegant
  • Save energy (smart programming, sensors, dimming of lighting)
  • Simple to use (keypads with engraved buttons)
  • Add convenience (scenarios, e.g. “house off”, “welcome”, “party”, “relax”)
  • Vacation Mode (scare the burglars away)


  • If you select a lighting control system (see above no.1) then you can upgrade and include the electric blinds, shutters, curtains control from the lighting control system
  • Control from the same keypads, touch screens, iPads, Smartphones, etc.
  • Reduces the number of shades switches and remote controls on the walls
  • Take advantage of the natural lighting (daylight harvesting) and use less artificial lighting – daylight sensors.
  • Protect your furniture in the summer (automatically lower the shades at certain times)
  • Energy efficient (use less air-condition in the summer and less heating in the winter)
  • Control individually or in groups (good for single room & global house scenarios)