As part of his new villa the owner planned a home cinema of the highest standard, using the very latest in audio and video innovations. Working with the architects, Lifestyle Technologies designed a custom solution to create a total cinema experience.

The project formed such an important part of the villa design that the client was prepared to sacrifice a bedroom to achieve his aim and the dimensions of an entire storey of the building had to be adjusted in order to accommodate our specifications.

To create the perfect ambiance it was important that the design finishes of the whole room play their part. Six sumptuous Baxter Italian leather chairs are arranged on a stepped floor presenting an unobstructed view of the screen area. Beautiful natural wood panelling and acoustic fabrics are used to conceal speakers and racked equipment. Motorised curtains and blinds add to the effect whilst air conditioning is fed from an external source to minimise noise.

A renowned local artist was commissioned to paint the ceiling to resemble an azure sky with scudding white clouds. The ceiling projector was integrated into this work of art to make it virtually invisible.

Lifestyle Technologies installed a Starfield sky, its series of fibre optics producing a starlit night sky effect. Concealed coving lights frame the whole. Variable light scenes are created using a pre-programmed Lutron system – lighting levels rise and fall, colours change, sequences alter and the stars ‘move’ across the sky.

The centrepiece of the equipment is a Seleco high definition projector focussed on a motorised 106” DaLite screen. To compliment the superb video images the finest sound system was added, comprising JMLab speakers and subwoofer, Rane and Harman Kardon equalisers and sources, and NAD amplifiers.

Our client had requested built-in touch panel controls. To achieve this a Crestron control panel was incorporated into a purpose-built console, located between two of the seats and upholstered in the same leather. The control panel can be swivelled for operation from either side.

Finally, Lifestyle Technologies programmed a specific feature – ‘Movie Time!’ One touch of a button on the control panel sets in motion a precisely timed sequence of actions. As the lights slowly dim and the blinds are closing, the stage curtains open to reveal the client’s company logo. The projector screen descends, coming to rest at the exact moment that the sound track begins and video image appears.

Touch ‘Interval’ and the lights brighten and the movie pauses until resumed. At the end of the show the room returns to its original settings.

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