A state of the art home theatre and an integrated automation system were to play a significant part in the overall design of this modern luxury apartment located on Limassol’s seafront. The apartment has some specific characteristics that dictated the type of equipment used and its installation.

A glass wall separates the bedroom from the home theatre room, giving visibility from the bedroom of the large projector screen situated at the far end of the room. A sauna is built into the bathroom and Jacuzzi area and the client specified that the TV, which was to be installed in the bathroom, should be visible from the sauna. Sound was to follow images throughout the apartment and controls were to be intuitive and easy to operate. Given this brief Lifestyle Technologies customised a system that more than satisfied all of the client’s requirements.

We installed a comprehensive array of top of the range audio-video equipment to create an outstanding home theatre setting. An InFocus projector, mounted on a Future Automation lift, is directed at a 106” motorised DaLite projection screen. Stunning sound is delivered through a Marantz amplifier and an Anthony Gallo speaker system. A Marantz DVD player and Humax satellite receiver provide high quality video images and all components are concealed in a 19” Raxxess equipment rack.

Bathroom installations, by their very nature, present specific challenges. We created a very special solution in this instance. A 20” Aquavision waterproof mirror TV built into the bathroom wall gives crisp, clear images. The requirement for visibility of the bathroom TV while using the sauna was met by installing a window made of special glass that inhibits moisture build-up – ensuring visual clarity.

The motorised blinds that screen the bedroom from the home theatre, together with apartment lighting, are controlled by a Lutron HomeWorks system.

A Crestron system controls all automated functions, including distribution of sound to the appropriate areas. Effective pre-programming and the use of wireless touch panels make the system simple and intuitive.

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